Security Solutions Company

Security Solutions Company

Location: Metro, NY

Industry: Security / Locks / Design / Service

Listing ID: 1329

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This is your chance to own a turnkey, high-performing business in the thriving security industry. Located in New York and in business for almost two decades, the company provides a broad range of lock housings, cores, and keys for the medical cart, OEM, and fixture display industries. It also provides lock-related services that include installation, key control, and key management. 2023 EBITDA is projected to be $1,498,788, on revenues of $7,000,497. As of October 2022, net inventory was $910,773.
The company’s meticulous operating strategy ensures the relevance and growth of its product and service capabilities. Unique product lines, in-house production expertise, strong brand reputation, a strong range of Intellectual Property, and a portfolio of blue-chip clientele contributes to the business’ key strategic advantages.
The business operates across multiple sectors, driving its diversification and mitigating its revenue reliance risk on a specific industry. The business has successfully deepened its market reach, enabling it to build its unblemished product and service delivery track record.

Listing Details

Revenue: $5,291,572

EBITDA: $1,036,105

Inventory: $1,539,000

Real Estate: (Not Included in Price)

Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

To be negotiated


Year Established: 2007

Owner Hours Per Week: The owners operate the business in a passive capacity and attend the premises as required.

Employees: 22


Type of Location: Warehouse/Office

Square Footage: 5350

Facilities Information:

The current premises span over 5 000 square feet including 1 250 square feet of offices, 700 square feet of the assembly room, a loading dock, and warehouse space. The expansion can be at the current location with additional space available on the street which would not disrupt the staff or operations. Within the current infrastructure, there is approximately 20% of growth available.

The potential exists to relocate to larger premises to cater to the expected increase in business in the next 12 to 18 months. Should the incoming buyer be desirous of relocating, a 25-mile radius from the current business premises would be ideal.

Luis de la Prida
631-390-9650 xt. 105
The NYBB Group
25 Melville Park Road Suite 105-82 Melville, NY 11747

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