MAA100 – Fundamentals of Building a Sellable Business

Course Description

In this 50 minute “Lunch & Learn” we introduce the core fundamentals inside the M&A industry. This course will present what ways to build and make your business more profitable by understanding lower-to-middle market industries, understanding financial reports, client customer base, business valuation, and value drivers.

The M&A world in North America made roughly 17,748 deals in 2022. The value of the deal’s accounts to 1.27 trillion USD within the United States, and 5.9 trillion USD worldwide. Smaller boutique firms like yourselves can make a profit by understanding how to make your business more profitable. As lower-to-middle market companies grow they continuously get untouched by elite firms, allowing there to be room for boutique firms to get a hold of untouched treasures. We invite you to join Anthony J. Citrolo founder of The NYBB Group, CPA, CEPA, CMAA to discuss lower-to-middle market industries, client base, business evaluations, and value drivers.

Course Schedule

12:05pm:   Introductory of The NYBB Group – Who We Are (10 Minutes)**

12:15pm:   Three Key Factors To Marketing Activity (10 Minutes)
         ➢ What Are They Buying?
         ➢ Business Assessment/Business Value Drivers
         ➢ Main Factors Affecting The Value Of Your Company

12:25pm:   Determine The Value Of Your Business (10 Minutes)
         ➢ Grow Your Business While Keeping The “End In Mind”
         ➢ The Basics Steps In The Exit Planning Process

12:40pm:   Your Pathway To Grow (15 Minutes)
         ➢ Organic Growth
         ➢ Why Organic Growth?
         ➢ Growth Through Acquisition
         ➢ Why Growth Through Acquisition?
         ➢ Acquisition Process Criteria
         ➢ GTA – Growth Through Acquisition Due Diligence

12:50pm:   Conclusion – The Pathway To Growth (10 Minutes)
         ➢ Real – Life Examples
         ➢ Case Study – Sale Of FJ Gray Co.

12:55pm:   Feedback (5 Minutes)

Course Fee: $0

Course Date: June 21, 2023
Time: 11:55am
Please Arrive 15 Minutes In Advanced

Overview Of Learning Material

1. Analyze “Lower-to-Middle” Markets.

2. Understand Financial Reports: EBITDA, Net Cash Flows, Returns, Add-Backs, Expenditures.

3. Going Over Market Evaluation & Appraisals.

4. Analyzing Internal & External Factors Of Buy/Sell Businesses.

5. Utilizing Driver Value Assessment.


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