Course Description

In this 50 minute “Lunch & Learn” we introduce the process to grow and value your business, learn the drive to higher profits, and to balance your business & personal life as a professional. In this course you will understand what businesses to target, using transitional strategies, going through the challenges that arises, and learning the shifts of businesses.

According to the present market, Baby Boomers are shown to own 63%-66% of the private businesses in the United States. We invite you to join Anthony J. Citrolo founder of The NYBB Group, CPA, CEPA, CMAA to discuss how to process and grow the value of your client’s business by providing drivers to maximize profits and align your client’s business and personal life.

Course Schedule

12:05pm:   Introductory of The NYBB Group – Who We Are (10 Minutes)**

12:15pm:   Why Value Acceleration (10 Minutes)
         ➢ The Market Today
         ➢ The Generations
         ➢ State Of Owners Readiness Facts

12:25pm:   Challenges (10 Minutes)
         ➢ Uncertainty
         ➢ Not On Owners Terms
         ➢ Value & Income

12:35pm:   The Shift in Business Owner's Mindset (10 Minutes)
         ➢ The Solution (Holistic Planning, Business Strategy, Common Framework)

12:40pm:   EPI Value Acceleration Process (5 Minutes)

12:50pm:   The Methodology (10 Minutes)
         ➢ Four Core Concepts
         ➢ Putting It Into Action
         ➢ Enterprise Value Assessment
         ➢ Focus & Action

12:55pm:   Feedback (5 Minutes)

Course Fee: $0

Course Date: April 26th, 2023
Time: 11:55am
Please Arrive 15 Minutes In Advanced

Overview Of Learning Material

1. Know The Current Day Market Demographics.

2. Learn Who Are The Targets, & The State Of An Owner's Transition.

3. Understand When Applying Strategies To Transitioning Business Owners - How It Would Affect The Corporate Dynamic.

4. Learn The Methodology Of EPI Value Acceleration Processes.

5. Learn Owners Readiness Fact.

6. Learn An Owner's Challenge, Paradigm Shift, & Concepts.

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