Value Driver Program

The Value Driver Program and its mission.

As you know most business owners will leave money on the table when selling their business because they have not properly prepared for the sale. NYBB has developed ‘The Value Driver Program’ for those owners who want a higher sale price, and understand the value of a quick short-term investment with long-term benefits.

The Value Driver Program at The NYBB Group is specifically designed for business owners who are looking to exit their business but need to increase the value of their company within their exit timeframe.

We have designed a simple 3-step process consisting of 6-18 Months, covering (1) Discovery Analysis, (2) Exit Strategy & Business Planning, (3) Accountability & Implementation process, as well as customized business plans for those with extended exit strategy needs (beyond 18 months).

The first step is our ‘Discovery Analysis’ to gauge where you and your business are positioned in the exit planning process. This Discovery Analysis consists of both a Personal Readiness Index and a Client Needs Analysis.

After review of the Discovery Phase, the second step is to engage with us on a ‘Deep Dive Assessment’. It is here where we help discover your value gaps, your exit status, and your company’s exit position and creating a report on how to reclaim your intrinsic value (the maximum value that your business value could obtain), all this while preparing an exit and business strategy plan.

The third step is to continue the engagement on a monthly business advisory basis. This exit and improvement plan is deployed on a monthly basis until there is a satisfactory achievement of your pre-determined goals.

For more information contact:
Anthony Citrolo, CPA, CEPA, CM&AA, Founder & Managing Partner
David Glanville, CM&AP, CPBA, practice leader of the Value Driver Program

Value Driver Program
Business Owner Succession Planning

All this culminates in the sale of your company on terms that are significantly better than at the initiation of the process. We have a team at The NYBB Group that consists of dedicated Business Intermediates and M&A specialists who will guide you through this final step which results in the sale of your business, your most valuable asset.

Why Us

As The NYBB Group continues to build on its rich history and wealth of business knowledge, we developed the Value Driver Program. This program is designed to increase the client’s business value while planning an exit strategy, and ultimately, a sale transaction or M&A of the business on more ideal and improved terms.

The Value Driver Program is the natural outcome of The NYBB Group’s history. Collectively, the team has numerous decades of business and advisory experience, and we know the Ins and Outs of the whole business lifecycle, operations, and transaction processes.

This depth and breadth of knowledge and skill are to the benefit of our clients as we guide them through the various phases of our Value Driver Program. From discovery analysis, to exit assessments, and onto business planning and advisory, we will drive your business value forward.

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Q: When is the best time to start an exit strategy?

A: The moment you start the business.

Q: Is it ever too late to start an exit strategy?

A: No, it is never too late. However, if you wait till the final hour, your options are very limited.

Q: What can I expect from the Value Driver Program?

A: This program aims to Drive Business Value Forward while preparing & executing an exit plan. This is a multi-stage process. The first stage is to get your Discovery Readiness Analysis. The second stage is a Deep Dive Assessment. The third stage is a business planning & monthly advisory program to help keep you on the growth & exit path.

Q: How long does this program last?

A: From Discovery to being able to go the market on an M&A/Business Sale, could be a short as 6-months and as long as 18-months. It depends on your path.

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After completion of the Personal Readiness Index, you will have the opportunity to continue onto the next steps in the process.

Business Planning may require the formation of an Advisory Board utilizing vetted and trusted advisors in various specialties The NYBB Group already has identified.