Value Driver Program

The NYBB Group Value Driver Program

Are you trying to sell your business? If so, what steps have you taken to make your business look attractive to a prospective buyer? In our experience, business owners often leave money on the table during a sale because of poor planning.

That is why we developed the Value Driver Program – a simple, three-step program designed to help you increase the value of your business prior to selling it.

Step One: Initial Discovery

The primary purpose of our Initial Discovery is to determine where you and your business are in the exit planning process. Our Initial Analysis includes the following elements:

  • A complimentary, Personal Readiness Index
  • A Client Needs Analysis
  • A Value Driver Analysis covering Six Value Drivers

Step Two: Assessment / Analysis

After our Initial Discovery is complete, we collectively decide the extent to which we will analyze your company’s drivers of value. We offer two different assessment plans:

  • The Deep-Dive Assessment, our most comprehensive assessment, includes the following:
    • Deep analysis Person Readiness and Business Attractiveness
    • Deep assessment of the Six Value Drivers and their impact on Enterprise Value.
  • The BusinessPro Assessment is for business owners who already have an Exit Strategy. It includes:
    • Deep assessment of the Six Value Drivers and their impact on Enterprise Value.

Step Three: Implementation

The final step is to continue the engagement on a pre-determined monthly basis. These monthly “Advisory Workshops” will provide accountability and help you enhance the items that drive value for your business.


In conclusion, preparation is key in any important and life-altering decision. You wouldn’t send your child to college without proper planning. You wouldn’t decide to take a very expensive vacation without proper planning. You probably plan your wardrobe for a special occasion. So why would you sell your business without proper planning?

Contact us today to see if our Value Driver Program makes sense for you and your stakeholders.

For more information contact:
Anthony Citrolo, CPA, CEPA, CM&AA, Founder & Managing Partner


Value Driver Program
Business Owner Succession Planning

All this culminates in the sale of your company on terms that are significantly better than at the initiation of the process. We have a team at The NYBB Group that consists of dedicated Business Intermediates and M&A specialists who will guide you through this final step which results in the sale of your business, your most valuable asset.

Benefits to The Business Owner

This Value Driver Program process is designed to deliver the following benefits to you:

  • Ensure that the business you established continues to flourish and remain as a legacy to recognize your years of your hard work
  • Allow you to systemize your business, making it a turn-key operation for buyers without your direct involvement.
  • Provide an essential framework for the construction of a Business Prospectus to be used in the selling process.
  • Allow you to achieve your personal vision and enjoying the lifestyle you desire and deserve
  • Ensure that you are provided with the best opportunity to sell your business for the best price, maximizing your return-on-investment.
  • Exploration of the creation of an Advisory Board with specific specialists to assist in your value driver processes. Specialist(s) are recommended on an as need basis and have a separate agreement with you.

Suggested Key Objectives

  1. Establish internal operating structure and systemize your business scaling down the reliance on you, as owner, for the daily business operations.
  2. Implement structures around various aspects
    of the business including;

    • Systems & Processes (Identify any gaps or deficiencies)
    • Introduce Letters of Offer/Employment Agreements
    • Compile Detailed Position Descriptions
    • Organizational Chart
  3. Implement an ongoing accountability program
  4. Evaluation of possible Acquisitions/Business Ideas. Firm up existing contractual arrangements with a goal of ongoing revenue which appeals to buyers.
  5. Clear, concise and accurate financial records
    and reports that are transparent and will withstand due diligence
  6. Establishment of financial and productivity targets
  7. Review pricing, quoting and tracking the profitability of various products/services with the primary aim of retaining, and growth of, existing revenue and profits
  8. Development of a 90 Day Action Plan dealing with all aspects of the business
  9. Evaluate marketing collateral along with the business’ brand and image for necessary updates
  10. Help introduce key marketing strategies
  11. Analyze and grow your database to sustain, and then grow current sales
  12. Develop a personnel plan to promote productivity and efficiency as well as identify team weaknesses and professional development required

Why Us

As The NYBB Group continues to build on its rich history and wealth of business knowledge, we developed the Value Driver Program. This program is designed to increase the client’s business value while planning an exit strategy, and ultimately, a sale transaction or M&A of the business on more ideal and improved terms.

The Value Driver Program is the natural outcome of The NYBB Group’s history. Collectively, the team has numerous decades of business and advisory experience, and we know the Ins and Outs of the whole business lifecycle, operations, and transaction processes.

This depth and breadth of knowledge and skill are to the benefit of our clients as we guide them through the various phases of our Value Driver Program. From discovery analysis, to exit assessments, and onto business planning and advisory, we will drive your business value forward.

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Q: When is the best time to start an exit strategy?

A: The moment you start the business.

Q: Is it ever too late to start an exit strategy?

A: No, it is never too late. However, if you wait till the final hour, your options are very limited.

Q: What can I expect from the Value Driver Program?

A: This program’s focus is to Driving Business Value Forward to allow company ownership exit on best financial terms possible. This program’s aim is to increase enterprise value while preparing the company for an M&A/Sale Transaction.

Q: How long does this program last?

A: From Discovery to being able to go the market on an M&A/Business Sale, could be a short as 6-months and as long as 18-months. It depends on your path.

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After completion of the Personal Readiness Index, you will have the opportunity to continue onto the next steps in the process.

Business Planning may require the formation of an Advisory Board utilizing vetted and trusted advisors in various specialties The NYBB Group already has identified.