Jacquelyn Gernaey

Jacquelyn Gernaey

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

SevenStar HR

Phone: 516-346-5271

Jackie is a Human Resources consultant for The NYBB Group. For over 30+ years she has lead both entrepreneurial startups and large corporations, her joy comes from helping others succeed.

Through her work as CEO of SevenStar HR, she offers targeted support for one of the toughest challenges businesses face: hiring and managing employees through the use of their EffectiveHiring® tool and Shared HR Consultants.  She helps leaders identify and resolve compliance-related HR risks, build solid processes to optimize business operations, and build a culture that allows business owners to enjoy going to work.

As CEO of The Alternative Board (TAB) of New York, she has dedicated my career to driving success for others through one-on-one coaching and peer board support, creating a forum for CEOs, presidents, and business owners across multiple industries to excel. Since starting TABNY in 1999, Jackie has provided 10,000+ hours of coaching and facilitated 1,000+ peer board meetings. In the same time period, their membership has grown to more than 150 members.

To her clients, She is a cheerleader, confidant, counselor, and brainstorming partner.

Jackie listens closely to your needs and goals – to what you say and DON’T say- getting to the heart of what’s truly standing in the way of your professional success and personal happiness.  She will support and guide you and hold you accountable for taking the action needed to drive vital change and growth.

Ultimately, Jackie’s work is about her clients, not herself.  She is here to help them reach THEIR idea of success, not her’s… whether that’s explosive business growth, finding a niche in a new market, getting the right employees, securing a comfortable retirement, or having more free time to enjoy with families and friends.

If you’re a small business leader seeking support from an expert to help you reach goals like these, connect  with Jackie.  She would love to learn more about your business and get started building the future of your dreams.


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