Corporate Acquisitions Program

The NYBB Group Corporate Acquisitions Program

Lower mid-market businesses (5M to 50M) are now discovering what Large public corporations have known for years: Growth through Mergers and Acquisitions can be a faster (and less risky) way to increase revenues and profitability.

If you have been passively looking for businesses to acquire but have had limited success, now you can rely on our Corporate Acquisitions Program. As your buy-side advisors, we can locate targeted acquisition opportunities that fit your criteria and we can also assist in negotiations to expedite your acquisition.

We can implement an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive search depending on your requirements. Our customized buy-side services add value by streamlining the process and increasing your chances for success. Services may include:

  • Establish an acquisition strategy
  • Develop a detailed acquisition criteria profile
  • Locate acquisition candidates
  • Provide you with the basic financials of the target
  • Value Assessment the acquisition target
  • Source financing for the acquisition
  • Obtain and negotiate letter of intent
  • Coordinating due diligence
  • Facilitating closing

The NYBB Group Corporate Acquisitions Program
Our corporate acquisitions program is a focused professional search that we conduct on your behalf to locate synergistic and strategic acquisitions opportunities that meet your specific requirements.

The persistently weak regional and national economic climate has created a buyers’ market for small privately held businesses and offers great opportunities to business owners with the drive and determination to expand their operations.

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