Winnie Benjamin

Winnie Benjamin

Business Performance Advisor, Founder & Chief Operation Officer

Stewardship Masters International, Inc. (SMI)

Phone: 516-346-5271

Winnie is a Business Performance Advisor, Certified Leadership Coach and Talent Optimization Consultant, with over 30 years of experience helping businesses create a competitive edge in their market.

She has co-owned successful small businesses in New York and is the Advisor to several.

She is skilled in helping businesses to develop operational processes so that they can grow and expand sustainably.

Winnie can accomplish a company’s objective by understanding the owner(s) back story, vision, values and game plan; ensure that their product/service/talent strategies are in alignment with corporate strategy; then support the principal (s) by equipping their leadership skills to attract key performers; assist in the design of a world-class operations process plan; get all performers in position of strengths so that the company can out class their marketplace competition.

Winnie has worked in South America, Caribbean, Ghana West Africa and Slovakia, developing and growing companies for competitive marketplace advantages.

She is currently working on rebranding/ repositioning organizations in NYC and beyond thrive amidst the economic storm and the new normal.

Winnie invites Business Owners and Buyers to have a 45 minutes strategy session to discuss how they can connect and inspire employees of their newly acquired company from day of introduction.

Winnie is a current Member of Eminae Network and MARLS NYC Business Associations;

Board Member of Maranatha Human Services.


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