Course Description & Overview

In this 50 minute “Lunch & Learn” we introduce critical roles that CPA’s must account for when creating an Exit & Succession Plan for their clients. We emphasis the importance of Succession Planning and Exit Planning and how it could help a CPA’s lifetime clients and use methods to improve their own firms with creating trust, and strategies.

40% of family companies will transition in the next five years and are adequately prepared. Less than 2/3 of significant holders in family businesses know senior generations and share transfers with intentions. We invite you to join Anthony J. Citrolo founder of The NYBB Group, CPA, CEPA, CMAA to discuss how companies should take the succession method in selling clients businesses.

Course Schedule

12:05pm:   Introductory of The NYBB Group – Who We Are (10 Minutes)**

12:10pm:   Succession Planning Vs. Estate Planning Vs. Exit Planning (5 Minutes)

12:20pm:   Why Succession Planning? (10 Minutes)

12:30pm:   Why Exit Planning (10 Minutes)

12:45pm:   Why The CPA's Role Is Critical (5 Minutes)

12:50pm:   Exit Planning Process (5 Minutes)

12:55pm:   Feedback (5 Minutes)

Course Fee: $0

Course Date: July 26th, 2023
Time: 11:55am
Please Arrive 15 Minutes In Advanced

Overview Of Learning Material

1. Understand What Succession & Exit Planning Is.

2. How To Use Different Methods To Grow With Their Clients.

3. Learn How To Use A Different Approach As A CPA.

4. Apply Using The Methods Appropriately.

5. Know Why It’s Important To Use Exit & Succession Planning.

6. Be Shown Professionalism As A CPA Who Applies The Strategy.

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