Course Description

In this 50 minute “Lunch & Learn” we introduce the understandings of what Private Equities are. We break down what private equities do, and how they operate. We emphasis how learning about private equities can help a CPA with working with private, and public funds for their clients.

In the United States, from 1998-2017; Private Equity firms grew jobs by 60% and sales increased 103% while all other U.S. companies grew employment by 24% and sales by 29%. We invite you to join Anthony J. Citrolo founder of The NYBB Group, CPA, CEPA, CMAA to discuss what Private Equity are, what they do, and understand their structure.

Course Schedule

12:05pm:   Introductory of The NYBB Group – Who We Are (10 Minutes)**

12:07pm:   What Is Private Equity? (2 1/2 Minutes)

12:12pm:   Private Equity Funds (5 Minutes)

12:17pm:   USA Private Equity Size (5 Minutes)

12:22pm:   What Do Private Equity Investors Do? (5 Minutes)
         ➢ Participants In Private Equity

12:27pm:   Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) (5 Minutes)

12:32pm:   Facts Vs. Fiction (5 Minutes)

12:37pm:   A Typical Lower Middle Market PE Firm (5 Minutes)

12:40pm:   US Equity Performance (2 1/5 Minutes)
         ➢ Record Deal Activity
         ➢ Record Software Deals
         ➢ Record Valuation Multiples
         ➢ Record Levels Of Dry Powder
         ➢ Record Exits
         ➢ Strong Fundraising

12:45pm:   Drivers Of The Record Performance (5 Minutes)

12:50pm:   Long Term Trends (5 Minutes)

12:55pm:   Feedback (5 Minutes)

Course Fee: $0

Course Date: October 18th, 2023
Time: 11:55am
Please Arrive 15 Minutes In Advanced

Overview Of Learning Material

1. Understand What Private Equity Is.

2. Know What Private Equity Investors Do.

3. Knowing Who The Participants Are In Private Equity.

4. Learn About Leveraged Buyouts, & Lower Middle Markets.

5. Understand About The Performances Of Private Equity.

6. Learn The Drivers Of Record Performance, & Long-Term Trends.

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