Course Description

In this 50 minute “Lunch & Learn” we introduce the understandings of Building Your Wealth. We break down the risks of selling a business, how to lower the risks, how to maximize the value of business, what makes businesses more attractive, what businesses need to do before selling, and how CPA firms can help.

Selling your clients business can be risky! We invite you to join Anthony J. Citrolo founder of The NYBB Group, CPA, CEPA, CMAA to discuss how to maximize your client’s business, make it attractive, and learn how to sell your clients business.

Course Schedule

12:05pm:   Introductory of The NYBB Group – Who We Are (10 Minutes)**

12:10pm:   Selling A Business Is All About Risk (5 Minutes)

12:25pm:   How To Make More Money For The Business (45 Minutes)
         ➢ Lower The Risk Levels
         ➢ To Maximize The Value Of Business
         ➢ What Makes A Business More Attractive?
         ➢ Attractiveness Parameters
         ➢ What Does A Business Need To Do To Get Ready
         ➢ How Can We Help?

12:55pm:   Feedback (5 Minutes)

Course Fee: $0

Course Date: June 28th, 2023
Time: 11:55am
Please Arrive 15 Minutes In Advanced

Overview Of Learning Material

1. Understand "How To Build Your Wealth".

2. Know The Risk Of Selling A Business.

3. Know How To Maximize The Value Of Businesses.

4. Learn How To Make Businesses More Attractive.

5. Learn The Steps To Sell A Business.

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