On Demand Webinar Series: REAL LIFE EXITS

On Demand Webinar Series: REAL LIFE EXITS

Webinar originally aired: july 9, 2020 at 12 Noon EST.

The NYBB Group Presents a Webinar Series on Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions

What happens after you decide to sell your company?  What will be expected of you, your company, your staff?

We will discuss this in our upcoming webinar

REAL LIFE EXITS:  A look behind the scenes of the sale of The Family Owned Business

Please join Anthony Citrolo, Managing Partner of The NYBB Group as he moderates this discussion with a panel of business owners who have personally been involved in the sale of Family Owned Companies.

Joan F. de la Prida, Strategic CFO, M&A Transition Specialist

Joan de la Prida served as Chief Financial Officer for Island Medical Management (IMM) which was acquired by Alteon Health Company in 2016

Currently, Joan provides business transition and CFO services to middle-market and small businesses focused on pre/post-merger activity.  She expertly designs and creates post-merger integration plans and advises management teams on due diligence, pitch books and finance integration.

She works closely with bankers, attorneys, insurance agents and vendors providing subject matter expertise on transactions, due diligence, insurance needs and benefits.  She also manages relationships with CPA firms, financial service firms and outsourced third-party providers.



Chris Viggiano, President  4-C’s Holding Corporation

Chris Viggiano joined F.J. Gray & Company via a leveraged buyout from the sole owner in May of 1985. The company operated as Gray Glass less than $2 million in sales; grew to over $7 million by 2009. This company was sold in 2 parts in December of 2015.

Chris started 4-C’s Holding Corp. in 1989 to purchase the building that the glass company operated from. The last 62,000 sq. ft. building that had 4 tenants was just sold in early June 2020 and has re-deployed all the proceeds into 1031 exchange properties by June 30, 2020.

He serves or has served on the board of directors for the following organizations:

  • Sydor Optics (since 2005)
  • ITAC – Industrial and Technical Assistance Corp (since 2013)
  • Petrohawk Energy Corp (2006-2011)
  • KCS Energy (1988-2006)


Michael Breitman, CEO, ActionCOACH of  Metro New York and The Berkshires

Michael Breitman is no stranger to success as an entrepreneur, a company builder,  business owner and consultant.

After enjoying phenomenal success building and selling his consumer products company, Michael was ready for new exciting challenges which brought him to ActionCOACH.

In working as an ActionCOACH he enhances his client’s use of time to build high performance teams and thereby become more profitable.  Just like sports coaching, business coaching combines three components; consulting, education and accountability.

Throughout his careers, Michael has been an architect, consultant, COO, CEO and company owner.  With ActionCOACH he has been able to find a build a successful consulting practice, helping to build the eight largest men’s neckware company in the US, as well as many other successful businesses in the New York Metro area.



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